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„Götzinger Höhe“ & „Ungerberg“

Start your hike at the "Götzinger Höhe" and walk downhill along the forest path to
the next crossroads. 
There you turn left, walk to the Hohnsteiner Straße and cross it. 

After approx. 480 m, the "Elsas Ruh" rest area invites you to take a break. Enjoy
the beautiful view of the Elbsandsteingebirge and Böhmische Schweiz.

Continue left along the edge of the field, then follow the road to the crossroads and
keep to the right. After about 100 m, you will reach the ridge trail on the left, which
leads you directly to the "Ungerberg"

. For the way back you can choose the same
route or alternatively take the Mittelweg (middle path) until you meet up with the
path leading to the "Götzinger Höhe" again.

The mountain-to-mountain hike can
also be undertaken in the opposite direction.
Whatever you decide: Enjoyment and
relaxation await you!


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Angebot „Götzinger-Torte“


A feast for the palate with roasted almonds, marzipan, jam, white chocolate and only available from us.

Angebot „Götzinger-Naturkräuter“


Our recommendation - the herbal liqueur only available from us Herbal liqueur, which you can take home as a souvenir in various bottle sizes.

Angebot We give you power - charging station for your electric vehicles

We give you power - charging station for your electric vehicles

Reserve your place at the charging station when you book

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